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I've always had dogs, and been interested in anything to do with dogs. Growing up I had Border Collies that I did Fly Ball, Agility, and Obedience with. When I was older and living on my own I found that the high energy intensity of a Border Collie didn't fit my lifestyle, but that I still wanted to do the things that had started my passion for dogs. So I started looking into other breeds that I could still do the sports I loved with, but would also be comfortable as a couch potato when I needed down time.  That's when I discovered how truly fantastic Standard Poodles are, and down the rabbit hole I fell. I started grooming so I could learn how to groom my own dogs someday, and some years later I now own my own grooming salon, actively compete in grooming competitions, as well as periodically owner handle my dogs in conformation. 

Poodles are an incredibly versatile, loving, charismatic and intelligent breed. They can do anything from conformation to agility, lure coursing, barn hunt, dock diving, Obedience, hunting and retrieving, even some herding- and look fantastic doing it!

I am striving to breed for better structure, health, and temperaments, all while showing how diverse and intelligent this breed is. I health test above the CHIC recommendations and do genetic diversity testing to ensure a sound and diverse future for the breed.

I am proudly a member of, and active in the Tucson Kennel Club.


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