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Our Litters
Tricky x Thea litter, 2021

copyright Mairin Hershik 2021

We are a small "kennel" that puts a lot of emphasis on raising healthy, happy, stable puppies that will succeed and flourish in their homes. We raise all our puppies with Puppy Culture and AviDog, and follow a minimal vaccine protocol.  The health and well being of your puppy is of the utmost importance to us. We raise our puppies on a balanced diet, and supplement with probiotics, fish oil, and calcium. The puppies are raised in my home, and extensively socialized to new people, sounds, sights, and animals before they leave between 9-10 weeks old.  We want to be involved for the life of our puppies, and will offer as much support throughout their lives as possible. 

Please note that we do dock our Poodle puppies to the breed standard, but we do not remove dew claws.

For information on upcoming litters, please reach out via email or social media. We do also have a questionnaire that must be filled out. We are currently only selling puppies on an AKC Limited Registration, with a spay and neuter contract- unless otherwise discussed. 

Poodles: We had a lovely litter at the start of 2021, which will be our last litter while we watch these young exciting puppies grow up. It will be some time before our next litter of Poodles, but please feel free to reach out, and follow us on social media for more information and future litters. 

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